Tuesday, March 17, 2009


children below 14 years are not legally permitted to work. GOOD,VERY GOOD. atleast the Government thought about the plight of young children.that means any child below 14 should not earn. THEN what about so many young children slogging in the TV industry. every channel takes pride in showing children dominating programs. Some serials have children as main lead. that means they will be shooting most of the day and sometimes in the night to meet the deadlines of airing the serials daily. Is it not child labout. some on the children are just 7-8 years. they are forced to work at the cost of their childhood, their education, their health. YEH SAB CHALTA HAI ?these children may not be needing the money to support their family where as the children who work as domestic servants work to supplement their family income and take care of their families. atleast they are doing something for their families. whereas the so called hero and heroines of serials are just doing it for glamour, publicity and add to their parents income. some of the children dont even know how much are they being paid. WHY DONT THE SOCIAL REMORMERS OF OUR SOCIETY WAKE UP AND DO SOMETHING IN THIS REGARD?