Saturday, September 18, 2010

Won't God listen to us if we pray to him silently?

I just fail to understand if God is every where then what is the need to pray at top of voice. He can hear it even if we pray silently.

Or is it the more we shout, happier he will be and will shower more blessings on us.

We are funny people, it is Ganpati time now, and then it will be Navratri time, then the time for Mata ka Jagrata. or any other Puja in the temple. use of loudspeakers has become a must to show our dedication to God.

Cannot we pray to God without causing noise pollution and disturbing others?

People who want to pray or indulge in Bhakti why cannot they do silently, why do they have to make such a big hue and cry about it and be such show offs.

Will God not listen to our prayers if we pray with low volumes?

The only good thing that came out of all this noise and show off of faith is that the staff of the office got to leave early as it has become impossible to work so it is party time for the staff .