Monday, February 21, 2011

Is it 7 khoon maaf or is it Million Khoon maaf ?

Is it 7 khoon maaf or is it Million Khoon maaf ?

I don’t think so

It is millions of khoon maaf to the the whole team of this nonsensical movie

I am no film critic so don’t want to go into the technalities of the movie

But one thing is sure

The whole team of this movie has gone away with millions of khoon maaf

Khoon of time of millions of people ( 2 and half hour of movie, time spent in planning to see the movie, book the tickets, actually going to the theaters , and then coming back and of course pulling one’s hair)

Khoon of money spent on watching this movie in theaters (tickets, buying those popcorns and colas plus transportation)

Khoon of the relations between the people who went to watch the movie together (each one must have cursed the other for taking him along for this movie)

Khoon of our expectations over the movie and the desire to watch ts one and only one passable song.( darling ghar mein baith kar time pass karo)

Why this discrimination with our own people?

Why this discrimination with our own people?

Khabhi Khabhi mere dil mein khayal aata hai --- post No. 1 ( I am going to pen down my many thoughts which keep dancing in my brain)

I am not very politically oriented person and I have nothing against any person of any nationality or country.

But this thought just occurred to me

I was warned against keeping servants from Bihar or UP.

The common advice given by people is that as the servants come from very poor and backward areas, they are bound to resort to stealing. And this generalization has come from some stray cases of servants getting caught or indulging in petty thefts (at times big ones also)

I am very thankful to such concerned friends and well wishers

But then just one thought came

If we are asked to exercise extra caution against the people from our country then why don’t we use this discretion when dealing with people from other countries?

We all know that they are responsible for most of the terrorist attacks and activities in India, even then we don’t mind inviting them for our TV shows, or for our games or for using their voice in our movies?

For once I ditto the thoughts of Shiv Sena

We invite their artists to our country, give them award, pay them handsomely to appear in our reality shows, act in our movies, and sing for our artists.

Granted we are a generous lot of citizens and we Indians don’t carry grudges against any one, we are very forgiving, we are very big hearted , for us every one is equal

But then don’t we expect the same reciprocation from them. How many artist from our country have to gone to neighbouring country to take part in their shows or sing in their movies.


Doesn’t this philosophy hold good for us?

Are we in so much awe with their artists that we allow them to supersede our own artists and willingly give them what can easily be given to our own people?

Or are we so thick skinned that the inhuman acts of those people doesn’t affect us? Or are we immune to the terrorist acts of those people.

I am surprised at the benevolence of so many Indians that they are ready to let go the barbaric acts of them .

If we really believe in the ideals of Gandhiji “ put forward your second cheek if someone slaps on u the other one” then why doesn’t this hold good when dealing with our fellow citizen

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

child sexual abuse --- can we do any thing about it?

I am too stunned to react to the news that appeared in a daily that a 8 -year-old girl from a slum in Mumbai repeatedly complained last month that her teacher was “touching and fondling her private parts,”. When the girl’s parents complained, the principal called them “regressive” and blamed them for damaging the school’s reputation. The girl now stays at home to help cook and clean, her school bag lying in a locked cupboard, her scholastic career over

Daily there are cases of sexual abuse of children all over India. Most of them go unreported and people are unaware of it but child abuse is there in all sections of society. Even the higher stratum of society which is considered to be the educated and most progressive section of the society is actively involved in it.

The silence from the victim and her/his family encourages the abuser to feel that he is safe to sexually abuse.

The worst part is most of the children are not aware that they are being abused and the children are growing up not knowing their rights have been violated. Most of the victims bury the abuse as a painful and shameful memory never to be told to anyone.

Children are expected to respect and obey authority figures such as parents, teachers, guidance counselors and principals and not question their actions and due to their innocence and blind faith in the elders that they don’t realize that they are being sexually abused and by the time they realize the shame and the fear makes them suffer the torture in silence.

I really shudder to think of the psychological consequences and the scars left by such perverted acts of the elders.

One more thing if these perverted elders want to satisfy their sexual urges why do they have to spoil the life of such innocent buds, why can’t they find partners of their own age?

Following are some of the links of news items appeared in news papers regarding sexual abuse of children in the last few days

MUMBAI: A 35-year-old man from Chembur was arrested for raping and sodomising a 10-month-old infant. The accused, Ramkisan Surajmal Harijan, a resident of Mankhurd-Ghatkopar Link Road, took the baby away on Tuesday night on the pretext of babysitting her after which he raped her.

Child abuse cases in city on the rise - The Times of India

NEW DELHI: The National Commission for Protection of Child Rights has received 75 cases of child abuse, including cases of corporal punishment upto October 31, with the highest number being reported from the national capital and Uttar Pradesh.
75 cases of child abuse reported this year - The Times of India )


what can we as the concerned population of our country do to save these children?

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

No age bar on having NON PENETRATIVE SEX

This is neither my idea nor these are my words but this is the news on the front page of Times of India


Don’t believe me then

That means 12 year olds can indulge in sexual acts (except for the penetration) with children of their age.

Even in advanced countries like USA and UK the official age for having consent sex is 16 -18 then how come a country like ours can encourage the not so developed (psychologically, emotionally, and physically ) children to have sex?

Is it the sign of progression/growth/advancement?

Or is it the sign of further deterioration of our moral ethics?

Will this bill not encourage young ones to indulge in immoral acts?

Are we not corrupting the young innocent minds by legally permitting them to indulge in all the foreplay and the associated acts?

According to the said bill

Any consensual non penetrative sexual ac is not an offence when engaged in between two children who are both over 12 years.

As far as my understanding goes in future if the bill is passed then for the children till the actual penetration is there no other sexual act will be punishable.

That means they can go to any extent and cross any limit to have physical relation with children of their age or within 2 years of their age

I wonder what was Ms. Aparna Bhat thinking when she along with others drafted this bill?

According to her this bill is to decriminalize sexual exploration by children.

So if the said bill sent by the ministry of women and child development to all the states is approved and passed that means we can say bye bye to our moral values and coolly watch our young ones to enjoy sexual acts?

Monday, January 24, 2011

men sex and lust

I am too stunned to comment on the news that appeared in today’s newspaper

Saturday, January 22, 2011

parents vs children — is there a way out?

This is neither a pro parents nor anti children post but the issue raised has been in existence since generations. Like the famous war between mother in law and the daughter in law, the differences between the parents and children are there to stay.

Came to know about a real life Baagban/Avataar story

This is not a stray example of life of a senior citizen but these sorts of examples have become part and parcel of our life.

In This particular case ( many senior citizens will identify with this)— retired father in law, sick mother in law , daughter in laws wants in laws to live separately, sons have already got all the property transferred in their name, and parents complaint “ our children are very rude to us, don’t talk to us, treat us useless liability”

—- so what should the parents do?

Harsh realities like this should be taken as lesson for every one. be it the old parents or the young parents, the present day young generation who are the culprits and also the children of the present day young generation.

I am not casting value judgment on anyone’s behaviour or attitude but just sharing some of my doubts and confusions which are baffling me:

  1. Do the parents give birth to children because they want old age security or whether they want to satisfy their maternal/paternal instincts? ( This reminds me of one dialogue from a movie in which the son says” I didn’t ask you to give me birth, you wanted to satisfy your sexual as well as parental desires, why expect something in return from me, I didn’t ask you to give me a better future, and sacrifice your life. this was your decision, why expect any thing in return from me?”
  2. Should the parents expect any thing from the children? Do they love and slog to give a better future to their children with the expectation that the children will repay them in their old age? Do they treat their children as investment which will reap returns in their old age?
  3. Parents go to any extreme to take care of children, they sacrifice their comforts, sleep, their life, even their young age to give a better future to children and what do they get in return – the 3 I’s – insults, isolation, and insecurities?(Link)
  4. The children these days are very quick in making their parents aware of their responsibilities but what about the duties of the children? Are the children so selfish that they don’t realize the sacrifices made by the parents for them, or their responsibility towards the ones who gave them a comfortable future? Have the breed of children become selfish and materialistic.
  5. Won’t the present day children become tomorrow’s old parents? Won’t their children learn from their behaviour?
  6. Should the parents become selfish and think about their life only?
  7. Why should the parent save money for the future if it doesn’t give them comfort in their later life?
  8. Won’t it be better if the parents don’t give away their life savings to the children in sudden fit of love for them? Rather they should keep everything with them (be it cash/property/ bank deposits/ shares etc) till their end , such arrangements should be made that in event of death of one of the parent the survival still retains the control over the finances till his/her end thus one of the partner is not left at the mercy of any one and continues maintaining his/her financial independence.
  9. Will it create a more harmonious relation between the parents and children if they live separately thus no interference from any quarter in each other’s life? Each to his own?
  10. Should the senior citizen shift to localities where they have like minded and same age people as their companions ( I don’t mean old age home but a society where the same age people are there to give each other company and take care of each other)(link)
  11. the elderly group should keep themselves occupied in some constructive work so as to maintain their dignity, self esteem and self respect

Can any one suggest any way out of this conflict ?

Can something be done to maintain the love, affection and caring between the parents and children/

Is there a way by which dignity, respect, independence of both the parties is maintained?