Thursday, December 23, 2010


The idea for this came from DG’s post.

We all know that we have different Gods for different needs/occasions

We have Goddess Laxmi for wealth

We have Goddess Saraswati for education

We have Lord Shiva for marriage of girls

We have Ganpati as Vighanharta

We have Indra for rains

So on and so forth

Then we have some exclusive Gods and temples for Men – only men can worship them, or go to their temple or touch them like Shani dev, Hanumanji, or Sabrimala in South.

But to my knowledge we don’t have a God exclusively for women – a God to whom a woman in distress can turn to. A God ,who will cater only to women.

A God in whose temple men will be treated as trespassers and who will be prosecuted if try to enter the temple.

A god who will listen to the problems of women only ,without any prejudice.

A God ,who will come to the rescue of women who are either the victim of exploitation by men or women who are subjected to humiliation and insults by the members of their own sex—the MILS and SILS or the other women.

A God who will not get polluted or whose temple will not become dirty by the entry of women who are in their monthly cycle.

Talking of discrimination

Women are not allowed to touch some of the men Gods like Shanidev or Hanumanji or Manibhadraji or Kshetrapalji but there is no restriction on men to touch the She Gods

Rather all the Pujaris of all the temples be it of a He God or a She God are men.

These men Pujari do the Puja, change the clothes of the She Gods etc.

There is no restriction on them.

I wonder when it comes to matter of God why should there be any discrimination

It is the God who has made woman, it is he who is responsible for the monthly cycles of women ( without these cycles the survival of human race will not be possible) then how come women during this period are considered untouchables?

I think the women during this particular period should be treated with dignity, respect rather than some member of outcaste group. Talking of the monthly cycles in some communities the women during these 4 days are made to sleep on floor, not enter the kitchen, not touch any one.

The height of such humiliation was when the marriage of a girl was postponed just before her PHERAS , The BAARAT had come to her door, all relatives from both the sides were there. Suddenly the girl got her periods. And guess what—it was announced to the whole group present there that due to this reason the marriage will take place after 4 days as she had become impure and could not attend any religious function. So the girl’s side had to take care of the whole baarat for 4 days and the whole world came to know about the whole story. just imagine what humiliation that girl must have felt

Is suppose there was a separate God for Women the girl could have gone to her/his temple and got married there.

Mr GOD are you listening to me?

Please give some time to the mother of the human race and make special provision for her

(I hope all the other Gods who are only for men do not get angry with me . I apologize to all of them . This post is not written to annoy or criticize the ways of GOD but to request him to give some special consideration to women also.)

Monday, December 20, 2010

better to convert to Jainism ? :-) :-)


with the rising prices onion going to Rs 80/- per Kg and garlic selling at Rs 400/- per Kg it is better to convert into Jainism or take a vow not to eat these two priced items .
atleast by taking a vow we are surely to become close to God ( some people believe so) and ofcourse we are going to save and add to our monthly budget
The day is not very far when people who will be fortunate enough to afford these two items will surely flaunt them with pride in see through bags and the less privilaged lot will oogle at these elite group with envy.

Friday, December 17, 2010

why should a parent prove his love to the child?

is there any need for a parent to reaffirm his love to his children?

Thursday, December 9, 2010

This is our Government

A sattire on our Government
a must read for every one

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

God- Please help me

is it ok to pray to different GODS at the same time or one should stick to one God only? does it show lack of faith in any one particular God?