Friday, October 2, 2009


“Husband files a case against his wife on the grounds of mental torture and cruelty because she called him Idiot, cheater, duffer “. Although the court rejected his application as they observed that mere calling one’s husband an Idiot or a duffer doesn’t qualify for legal action” ( news in the prominent newspaper last week)

The reason given by the wife for her calling names to her husband --- he had got married under false pretexts. He has given false information about himself that he was a first class Chartered Accountant whereas in reality he was merely a lower grade clerk

I am surprised at the audacity of the man who appealed to the competent authorities just because it was a blow to his male ego to be called names by his wife

I wonder why he didn’t realize that he had infact insulted the woman by giving wrong information about himself, his education, his career and his income.

How could he spoil the life of an innocent person like this? What about the dreams of the woman which must have been shattered by this act of cheating by the husband?

Didn’t he degrade the woman by marrying her under false pretexts?

And what about the millions of men, who humiliate, insults, manhandle tortures both physically and mentally and abuse their wives at each step. How many of such victimized women show enough courage to go and complaint about their husbands.

Leave aside going to court; most of the women don't even let their family know about the continuous hurling of abuses to them.

How much mental trauma the false representation of husband must have caused the wife to call her husband a cheater or an idiot, because in our society most of the women will go on suffering than to call their husbands any name.

For a man to use derogatory words like an idiot or a duffer or good for nothing creature, useless, brainless or other thousands of demeaning and at times words of unprintable nature for his wife is just casual style, most of the men think that it is their prerogative to abuse their wives as it proves their superiority over the women.

I overheard someone saying,” are apni biwi ko kuch bhi bol sakte hai, she also knows I don’t mean it actually but then jab gussa aata hai to biwi ko bol deta hu, aakhir vo apni hai”

I feel like saying VA VA VA, just because she is your own wife you can abuse her.

Moreover I think, words like idiot or duffer have become a part of our life. We use it so often, many times not meaning them exactly or not with the intention to hurt someone but they are used more as slangs than as an abuse.

So why raise such a hue and cry when a woman uses these words against her husband, although I am sure very few of Indian wives will be using such harmless words for their husbands because Indian wives sill respects their husbands, they still put husbands in high esteem,

I don’t think that the woman did anything wrong in calling her husband an idiot even if she meant it and for once I applaud the decision given by the court.

Rather I would have appreciated if she had used even more strong words against the husband, afterall he had misrepresented to the woman about himself. He had disgraced her in front of her friends and relatives. He was the one responsible for breaking the dreams of her.


AJ said...

What should I call such men, Desperate or Pathetic?
Meaning of marriage perhaps has changed these days. What good can be a relationship if there is not much healthy communication, true understanding, feeling of being one soul and immense trust and faith...Cheating in this or perhaps in any relationship is not accepted...and if it is with your life partner, well, then you don't deserve to be blessed with his/her company...
Wise men say...words should be used very carefully, coz' they can start battles...

Apanatva said...

Here i share your thoughts completely . very good post .

Swatantra said...

clap, clap and clap for your views.. I liked that you highlighted the side where most of the women don't come out and say anything.. you are amazing!!

AnjuGandhi said...

AJ i will comment on your comment in my next post

Thanx apanatva and Swantantra for your appreciation

Indian Home Maker said...
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sm said...

one can not enjoy full liberty, both sides should enjoy the liberty, when we are angree we can be angree only on the loved once, and they also understand the casuse.
good post.

pardis irani said...

Actually, he only made a laughing stock of himself!! Imagine, now everyone knows what a jerk he is!

Anonymous said...

This case made everybody mad. I like your point about how husbands call women names all the time and it is taken as normal, even expected (!!!) and the girl is advised not to give him anymore reasons to call her names!!!

There is another case in the news today, where the husband, a Mr Shivaji Anand Shevale (41) started hurling abuses at his wife in the court!!

BK Chowla said...

The man deserves bigger punishment.His wife should actually beat him up and then file a case against him under Sec 420 for cheating her.

Neha said...

I second u anju...some species in our society are pathetic...

I stay at goregaon...what about u?

Zeba said...

What an embarrassing situation he created for himself. Imagine being called names by your wife and then everyone knowing about it!!!

I feel bad for women who suffer in silence. But men don't have the strength to do that same. They say women is the weaker sex, but in truth women are much more stronger emotionally.

Ms. Neha Gandhi said...

i think the man's ego was injured the day he had to take an alias identity to marry the lady...he must be so ashamed of himself that he had to put on a mask to marry someone...what a loserrr

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