Friday, December 4, 2009

Tattoos– symbol of Power/ fashion ?


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Ms. Neha Gandhi said...

hmmm...i wonder how such a tangential topic came to your mind...
ur post tells a few facts that i had no idea tattoos are a symbol of lower that case...tattoos have really come a longgg way :)
i personally feel..tattoos are for urself...they give u an inner attitude...and if u wanna flaunt it...nothing wrong in that too..but like most say...they are addictive... the process gives u a high and i feel an inner happiness when people comment on an adornment on my body... and also for my inner-self:)

i like how u have chosen a topic different than ur comfort zone ( aka social causes/issues) and yet written so profoundly on that...

keep it up

aruna khasgiwala said...

My God Anju this is really unusual,theme is different and collection of all photographs is commendable. You are Creative and thoughtful

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