Monday, March 15, 2010

which is her house???????????

I read about this incident in one of the weekly magazine.

A married woman with a marriage tenure of 30 years had to hear hundreds of time hear, “leave my house, this is my house. Either do whatever I say else leave my house. This is my house so the final say is mine” from her husband.

After the death of her husband she had to stay with her son. Now the son tells her, “mother this is my house. Please let me do whatever I want to do”.

This is not a case in isolation.

Thousands of women undergo the same situation.

If after giving 30 years of life to the family and husband, looking after the house, working like a maid, cooking, washing, taking care of the household, bring up the children the women has to hear the words, :” this is my house” from the husband’s house then what is the standing of women even after so much education and liberation?

In the initial stages of married life she gets to hear the same words from her mother in law ( if it’s a joint family) this ——–“.

Then gradually as she starts treating her matrimonial house as her own, comes the bouncers from her husband — this ——-“

So which is her house?

Will she always stay in someone else’s house?


Nalini Hebbar said...

The matrimonial home is the household a woman shares with her husband; whether it is rented, officially provided, or owned by the husband or his relatives whether or not she has any legal title in the household.

A woman has the right to remain in the matrimonial home along with her husband as long as she is married, though there is no definite law regarding this right. If a woman is being pressurized to leave the matrimonial home, she can ask the Court for an injunction or "restraining order" protecting her from being thrown out. This can usually be obtained quite easily

It is generally advisable not to leave the matrimonial home; it is easier to get a court order preventing a woman being thrown out than to get an order enforcing her right to return to it once she has left or been thrown out.

I got this from

women do not know their rights...even educated women don't...there are many ways to protect her so she should not walk out...that would be the biggest mistake.

Durga Nandan said...

Sometimes, an apparently harmless comment can affect minds easily. "Your house my house.."
There equality plays a big role. In what sense is for everyone to decide.

MAN IN THE MIRROR said... without husband then you will be free.

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