Monday, May 24, 2010

This Happens only in India?

A marriage can be broken just after three hours of its solemnization

Reason being the girl’s mother forgot to serve water to the boy’s mother

how can the poor parents of a bride commit such a heinous crime of not bowing down to the dictates/demands/wishes of the groom’s family?

Didn’t they know that heavens will fall if they annoy the groom’s side? the girl and her side should be punished for committing such a sin.

If don’t believe me then please go through the following link

Three cheers for the the brave parents who refused to send their daughter with the boy’s side once they started demanding dowry after all the marriage functions were over.

wish there were more supportive and courageous parents like them


rohini said...

Nice Step....very corageous...

ZB said...

Very Sad!Truly this happens only in India!

Shrutzz said...

good one....cheers to such brave people

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