Saturday, April 18, 2009

This is politics for you

last week Priya Dutt the candidate from my constituency was to visit our area for her election. .last moment she decided that this area belongs to educated, well to do people so there is no need for her to come here and convince us as we know what we want and will vote for the one whom we think is the right person. so she went to the near by slums to lure them and brain wash them with her false promises, her starry background.
this made me wonder
(1)whether she was not confident enough to change our views even if we had already decided about our vote?
(2) she thought that illiterate slum people are naive enough to select her on the basis of her father and brother?
(3) also during last five years i.e. during her tenure as the MP we never saw her face in our constituency even once. where was she?. I thought that as she is young blood, comparatively new in politics, moving with the times she will do something revolutionary for the people. but she also proved to be the part of the same old block. show ur face once in five years. distribute some titbits to illiterate naive people . get their vote and they bye bye till next term
and then we say JAI HO
if youngsters behave in this way then no comments for all those oldies who just dont want to move a inch from their position.


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