Saturday, January 21, 2012



Just imagine what would happen if insulting was made a crime let me list all those who will be behind the bars or who will be punished

1. All the husbands for insulting their wives at every given chance.

2. Rest of the men for insulting women by abusing them (verbally as well as physically).

3. All those political leaders who insult the faith reposed on them by public.

4. All those friends who insult friendship by cheating on them.

5. All those children who insult their parents.

6. All those parents who insults their children by their sarcastic comments or expect much more from their children than they are capable of doing.

7. All those citizens who insult our legal system by violating the laws.

8. All those people who insult our religious values by talking against any particular religion or misusing the religious places.

9. All those women who insult women hood by indulging in acts which are demeaning to all the women

10. All those beggars who insult the emotions of philanthropists by presenting a false sob story and taking alms from them.

11. ------

12. -----

13. ------

The list is unending

If all these people are punished, our judiciary and legal system will have a tough time by putting them behind the bars

BUT the question is who will punish the insulters?

The law makers, the reformers, the judiciary themselves insult the legal system, rules and regulations.

So if there is no one to impart punishment what is the alternative?

Go on getting insulted and go on insulting others ????????????????


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