Monday, February 21, 2011

Is it 7 khoon maaf or is it Million Khoon maaf ?

Is it 7 khoon maaf or is it Million Khoon maaf ?

I don’t think so

It is millions of khoon maaf to the the whole team of this nonsensical movie

I am no film critic so don’t want to go into the technalities of the movie

But one thing is sure

The whole team of this movie has gone away with millions of khoon maaf

Khoon of time of millions of people ( 2 and half hour of movie, time spent in planning to see the movie, book the tickets, actually going to the theaters , and then coming back and of course pulling one’s hair)

Khoon of money spent on watching this movie in theaters (tickets, buying those popcorns and colas plus transportation)

Khoon of the relations between the people who went to watch the movie together (each one must have cursed the other for taking him along for this movie)

Khoon of our expectations over the movie and the desire to watch ts one and only one passable song.( darling ghar mein baith kar time pass karo)


Anil P said...

Totally agree. It's more of the 'million khoon maaf'. Never easy for a movie to reflect as interestingly a story from the book. Expectations tend to be high.

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