Monday, February 21, 2011

Why this discrimination with our own people?

Why this discrimination with our own people?

Khabhi Khabhi mere dil mein khayal aata hai --- post No. 1 ( I am going to pen down my many thoughts which keep dancing in my brain)

I am not very politically oriented person and I have nothing against any person of any nationality or country.

But this thought just occurred to me

I was warned against keeping servants from Bihar or UP.

The common advice given by people is that as the servants come from very poor and backward areas, they are bound to resort to stealing. And this generalization has come from some stray cases of servants getting caught or indulging in petty thefts (at times big ones also)

I am very thankful to such concerned friends and well wishers

But then just one thought came

If we are asked to exercise extra caution against the people from our country then why don’t we use this discretion when dealing with people from other countries?

We all know that they are responsible for most of the terrorist attacks and activities in India, even then we don’t mind inviting them for our TV shows, or for our games or for using their voice in our movies?

For once I ditto the thoughts of Shiv Sena

We invite their artists to our country, give them award, pay them handsomely to appear in our reality shows, act in our movies, and sing for our artists.

Granted we are a generous lot of citizens and we Indians don’t carry grudges against any one, we are very forgiving, we are very big hearted , for us every one is equal

But then don’t we expect the same reciprocation from them. How many artist from our country have to gone to neighbouring country to take part in their shows or sing in their movies.


Doesn’t this philosophy hold good for us?

Are we in so much awe with their artists that we allow them to supersede our own artists and willingly give them what can easily be given to our own people?

Or are we so thick skinned that the inhuman acts of those people doesn’t affect us? Or are we immune to the terrorist acts of those people.

I am surprised at the benevolence of so many Indians that they are ready to let go the barbaric acts of them .

If we really believe in the ideals of Gandhiji “ put forward your second cheek if someone slaps on u the other one” then why doesn’t this hold good when dealing with our fellow citizen


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