Tuesday, February 1, 2011

No age bar on having NON PENETRATIVE SEX

This is neither my idea nor these are my words but this is the news on the front page of Times of India


Don’t believe me then


That means 12 year olds can indulge in sexual acts (except for the penetration) with children of their age.

Even in advanced countries like USA and UK the official age for having consent sex is 16 -18 then how come a country like ours can encourage the not so developed (psychologically, emotionally, and physically ) children to have sex?

Is it the sign of progression/growth/advancement?

Or is it the sign of further deterioration of our moral ethics?

Will this bill not encourage young ones to indulge in immoral acts?

Are we not corrupting the young innocent minds by legally permitting them to indulge in all the foreplay and the associated acts?

According to the said bill

Any consensual non penetrative sexual ac is not an offence when engaged in between two children who are both over 12 years.

As far as my understanding goes in future if the bill is passed then for the children till the actual penetration is there no other sexual act will be punishable.

That means they can go to any extent and cross any limit to have physical relation with children of their age or within 2 years of their age

I wonder what was Ms. Aparna Bhat thinking when she along with others drafted this bill?

According to her this bill is to decriminalize sexual exploration by children.

So if the said bill sent by the ministry of women and child development to all the states is approved and passed that means we can say bye bye to our moral values and coolly watch our young ones to enjoy sexual acts?


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