Sunday, May 31, 2009


I am behaving just like a child who has just learnt writing and he goes on scribbling on very available material where he can write or like a child who has been gifted a colour box. Same ways he goes on trying out new colours, new combinations and tries to paint everything around him.

And that is what I have been doing since last one week. When I became a blogger I just chose the easily available template. While visiting other people’s blog I always used to wonder how come they have such eye catching lay outs?

Then suddenly while surfing on Google I came across the word blogger templates and Gosh! I am become like an alcoholic who is so addicted to his booze and has got so tipsy that he can’t see anything else then his fill.

Changing my blog lay out has become not only an obsession but I suppose some psychologist may classify my behavior as obsessive compulsive neurosis. I feel compelled to go on various sites and choose various layouts. During past one week I have visited so many sites on blog templates that no wonder I may get a response from some site “lady no more visit to our site, you have crossed all the limits”.
I not only visit but I download various templates, try them out in my blog , leave it for few hours and then again I am on my hunt for new pastures. And seeing the new look makes me glee like a child. and it gives me a different high to see my blog decorated with new colours and designs.

My this behavior reminded me of famous Psychologists Eric Berne and Thomas A Harris and their famous books GAMES PEOPLE PLAY AND I AM OK YOU ARE OK) ,. In these books they talks about how there is a child hidden in every individual and how the child asserts itself and peeps out from our adult body. And, how our day to day behavior is divided into PARENT CHILD AND ADULT. Our each act is manifestation of either of these three.

So, my this fascination to try out new lay outs is actually my hidden child who is dying to come out from my grown up self to remind me of his existence and also to remind me that to enjoy life, to behave like a child is no crime and I will not be incriminated .

Hey, everyone who is reading this blog ----------let the child in you surface out although the child makes his presence felt in every one’s life daily like when we get angry, we throw temper tantrums,when we fight, when we demand things like children do, we clap our hands when we are happy and so on and so forth.

But I would say make a conscious effort to enjoy small things of life, celebrate like a child does ,giggle , jump with joy and become forgiving like children. Do not let the adult and parent in you dominate your life so as to make it dull and boring . Release the child in you from your adult body and let it emerge and help you sail through the traumas of adulthood

CHEERO and WELCOME to the child in you


Aw.S.M said...

New to blogsville eh..welcome from my side...its a really enjoyable place to be. :D

Yeah i think i can identify with your template addiction. It happens to everyone. Every other persons template seems oh so fine. But come to think of it..this template you have here is mighty fine in its own right. So i think u should stick to it for a bit now.

So i guess i ll cya around. ;-)


ZiLliOnBiG said...

Hehe, your are right. i too noticed the often changing templates. I have stuck to the one i started with. It really doesnt fascinate me, since i am constantly worried as to what to write. I read some blogs, and FRANKLY, wish i could just COPY PASTE them in my blog. But then, whats blogging and whats mmy individuality if i just copy someone? So i refrain.

We all have a child in us and its keeping us alive, otherwise life sucks.!!

Cheers to you.:)))

ramya said...

It is so good to be a child! Run around, laugh-out-loud with no reason, everything! When I think of it, I feel that I didn't do many things as a child, it would be lovely to re-live it again! Childhood is that best phase. I'll teach my nephew to enjoy totally, i won't let him study!
I have seen many sites, but I just don't feel like changing mine. The problem is, I see only the very bold ones. I simply loved this template of yours, simply yet very youthful!

Ms. Neha Gandhi said...

its a good post...i like the way...u co-related ur new obsession for templates and the child in us...
now that i think of it...i think its true...
loved ur postt...

greatttt blog i must say...muaaah !!!

Gayathri said... well i relate to every post of urs..
even i had this addiction and i kept changing my templates every 2 days until my frnds ended up warning me to stick on one to have them accustomed to my space..
anyway,even i was abt to ask u abt this rapid change in layouts, came up with the answer urself.. :)

A Brush with Color said...

Thank you for visiting my blog and for your kind comments. Your header here looks very creative to me! Lovely!

AnjuGandhi said...
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Arunima said...

i have stuck with what i started out with. But, it is nice and refreshing to see others change. Good template this. :-)

Gayathri said...

hey new one today too :)..stick on this for sometime dear..this looks a lot beautiful than all those u tried till now. :)

Mia said...

Stylish template.. i really enjoyed readin this post :) Of course, everybody has a kinda child in us..oftentimes i wondered why i think & act like a child but it's all fun at times n for gud as well :)

Aparna said...

I so completely understand your obsession.I too, am addicted, not to templates, but to blogging. I started late and can't stop to think about it. I too was introduced by my daughter. Aren't daughters great?

Zeba Talkhani said...

Now you know where my trademark Zebra stripes vanished!!

Pari said...

hehe..I suffer from the same syndrome ! Sadly, each time I change templates .. my add-ons are deleted or edited in a weird way :( At times, I have also vowed things like 'Not changing template' for the next 3 months and so on... :)
PS: Yes, let the child out :)

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