Monday, May 25, 2009

My three blogging resolutions

Only one month of active blogging and I find myself more refreshed, more alert, and totally rejuvenated. As I read yesterday “Just as working out daily in the gym increases one’s fitness, regular writing makes one a better writer.”.

Suddenly I find myself brimming with ideas. It is said empty mind is devil’s work shop but I would say empty mind is the right ground for blogging workshop.

For me blogging has become an addiction these days. The only thing I think these days is what I should write? This media has made my otherwise barren mind a fertile ground for ideas. .
Just an example if I happen to go anywhere, as soon as I leave my place the ideas start storming my mind and by the time I reach my destination I have already written a fully fledged blog ( in my mind) and in my return journey another blog is all set to take birth

The only problem is when I actually sit to pen down the product of my ruminating sessions, all the ideas get so jumbled up that nothing coherent comes from my cramped head.

While going through some blog I read “Respect your reader’s time. When someone is online reading your blog, there are a thousand other things they can do with their time”

Reading this made me go into introspection regarding the contents of my blog. I know my weakness. Normally Whenever I sit down to express myself ,the words flow like a free flowing stream and then there is no stopping it. But then I have to consider my blogging buddies( so what, even if very few read my blog , but I must respect them and their time . They must get value for time and my expressions should not get so lengthy so as to make all of them skip through the entire post or make them restless or so bored that they never return back to blog.

So today I took three resolutions as far as my writing is concerned

1. From now onwards I will make conscious efforts to keep my blog short. No going on and on ( some restrain has to be there)

2. From now onwards I will try to write meaningful and interesting posts daily

3. And, if I am not able to adhere to my above two resolutions then I will not bang my head to full fill them. Once in a while deviation from the routine will be allowed and I will let the word diarrhea flow freely (after all I am here to express myself and give concrete shape to my beliefs and this is the media which has given me my identity )

So here I am wishing myself all the best with my resolutions and happy blogging.


Gayathri said...

Exactly how it happens with me..until last month,i had to travel 3hrs a day by bus to the college and every single moment used to wind in my mind with the thoughts of what next to pen though very rarely i put them into action..
i loved these,Respect your reader’s time. When someone is online reading your blog, there are a thousand other things they can do with their time”,awesome..and now im strongly doubting myself in respecting my so-called-readers' time though i have only very few..:D..

anyway,in ur resolution part,i have already been in the path of the 1st point..2nd one,i'm not sure if it's my forte..and 3rd,obviously,resolutions are made to be broken :D..

happy blogging..

AnjuGandhi said...

true we should enjoy making resolutions and enjoy more breaking them. and that is what I am going to do

Zillionbig said...

i relate completely. I cant agree more, its an addiction. But a positive one. and guess what, i find myself much more comfortable now and less self conscious. BTW, your new theme and blog looks much better, its much more readable and easy on eyes. TC:)))

Zeba Talkhani said...

First of all I love the new template. Its amazing. And secondly I can totally relate to what you mean. If you noticed I have drastically reduced the size of my post as well!! Now that you have taken the 3 resolutions I do the same!! Good luck to us. And you don't have to worry about boring your readers. I love everything that you write. Really!!

Mon Espace said...

first of all, nice template..the page looks nice :) and i read the blog as well, the one asking to respect the readers time..i did some introspection too!

G'luck with ur blog, may you have many creative days ahead :)

Arunima said...

First thing that struck me about your blog is your words that you have introduced to it by your daughter. That is really sweet of her and nice of you to take it up. I have been blogging for more than 5 yrs now and crossed all these resolutions. Over the years, I have found some really nice blogger friends and that makes me still go on writing.

Anonymous said...

Oh! by any chance, is Neha Gandhi your sister or daughter?
And resolutions, i agree with the first one. even i'll try to keep them short :-)

AnjuGandhi said...

hi ramay neha is my daughter

Anonymous said...

oh wow lady! Thats so nice for you to take up blogging! Neha must be a proud daughter to have mom who writes so well!

AnjuGandhi said...

ramaya, you are wrong , i am the one who is proud and lucky to have a daughter like her who has been motivating and inspiring me to write.

Ms. Neha Gandhi said...

@ramya yes ramya i am very very proud because of mumma... she is responsible for my father's famous speeches too :)

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